Rep Cason files bill to allow live-streaming of public meetings

March 31, 2021
Rep Cason files bill to allow live-streaming of public meetings

AUSTIN, TX – Representative Jeff Cason announced today his filing of House Bill 2969, the Live-Stream Open Meetings Act. This bill would allow for a person attending a public meeting to stream live video and audio of the meeting on the internet.

“This bill will update the Open Meetings Act to fully meet the demands of modern technology and ensure that Texans have the ability to keep these meetings transparent and accessible to everyone,” Rep. Cason said.

The Open Meetings Act (TOMA) was Codified in 1993 as Chapter 551 of the Government Code. Over the years, TOMA has received several revisions to stay fully relevant to the changing environment of media and modern technology.  Under current law, individuals attending a public meeting may record, but are not specifically permitted by the code to live-stream a meeting in progress on the internet. This bill would specifically permit such live-streaming by an attendee.

HB 2969 has been referred to the House Committee on State Affairs, chaired by Rep. Chris Paddie (R) of Harris County.


Call the members of the committee and ask that they support HB 2969:

Chairman Chris Paddie           (512) 463-0556
Rep. Ana Hernandez                (512) 463-0614
Rep. Joe Deshotel                     (512) 463-0662
Rep. Sam Harless                      (512) 463-0496
Rep. Donna Howard                 (512) 463-0631
Rep. Todd Hunter                     (512) 463-0672
Rep. Phil King                            (512) 463-0738
Rep. Eddie Lucio, III                (512) 463-0606
Rep. Will Metcalf                       (512) 463-0726
Rep. Richard Pena Raymond  (512) 463-0558
Rep. Matt Shaheen                    (512) 463-0594
Rep. Shelby Slawson                 (512) 463-0628
Rep. John T. Smithee               (512) 463-0702