Rep. Cason Files Bill to Strengthen Requirements on CPS Reporting

March 17, 2021
Rep. Cason Files Bill to Strengthen Requirements on CPS Reporting

AUSTIN, TEXAS – Representative Jeff Cason of House District 92 announced today his filing of House Bill 2970. In non-emergency cases, where Child Protective Services (CPS) intends to remove a child from their home, current statute requires CPS to provide the judge a report detailing to what degree they have attempted to contact family members within the third degree of consanguinity. In practice, however, the extent to which CPS has made these attempts is never verified, nor are there any consequences if such attempts are exaggerated or untrue.

Rep. Cason’s HB 2970 would require CPS, in non-emergency cases, to swear by an affirmed affidavit that the contents of their report to the judge are accurate.

“All Texans deserve to be properly notified by the authorities regarding actions taken towards their family members – especially parents and guardians when it comes to their children,” Rep Cason said. “This crucial change in the law would apply true enforcement, via threat of perjury, of a report required by the family code that Child Protective Services has indeed attempted to contact family members.”

This bill is joined by two other CPS related bills filed by Rep. Cason, House Bill 2298 and House Bill 2299.