Rep. Cason files bill to give parents more info about their children’s vaccines

March 30, 2021
Rep. Cason files bill to give parents more info about their children’s vaccines

AUSTIN, TEXAS – Representative Jeff Cason announced today his filing of House Bill 2968, the Informed Consent for Vaccines Act. This bill would require that, prior to a child receiving a vaccine, every parent/guardian is provided with information on both 1) the process to file a claim in the event of an adverse reaction and 2) a copy of the CDC’s Vaccine Excipient and Media Summary, which lists the multiple ingredients contained in each vaccine.

“Current Texas law lacks pertinent details on what constitutes “informed consent” for any medical procedure, especially for immunization. The current statute also puts the burden of informed consent on the parent/guardian and not the provider,” Rep. Cason said. “Texas is providing a disservice to its citizens by not providing all of the necessary information for proper and full informed consent with regard to immunization. This bill offers a much needed strengthening of informed consent in Texas.”

By federal law, an individual consenting to a particular vaccine must be provided the Vaccine Information Statement (VIS) for that vaccine prior to vaccination. However, the CDC admits that the VIS is not interchangeable with true informed consent. The VIS is a one-page sheet produced by the CDC meant to explain both the benefits and risks of a particular vaccine. This sheet does not include information regarding the ingredients (including preservatives, adjuvants, and other additives) or how the vaccine is made. HB 2968 would require that such information be provided.

HB 2968 has been referred to the House Committee on Public Health, chaired by Rep. Stephanie Klick (R) of House District 91.