Rep. Cason Files Bill to End In-State Tuition Subsidies for Illegals

January 29, 2021
Rep. Cason Files Bill to End In-State Tuition Subsidies for Illegals

Austin, Tx – Representative Jeff Cason announced today his filing of House Bill 1486, the End In-State Tuition for Illegals Act. This bill would stop the current practice of using tax-dollars to finance the higher education of illegal immigrants in Texas. Cason was joined by his fellow freshman colleague, Bryan Slaton of House District 2, who announced his intent to joint-author the legislation.


“Texans’ tax dollars should not be used to reward and encourage illegal immigration to our state and nation. As Texas taxpayers are seeing their property taxes rise, they are rightfully even more frustrated to find out that the Texas legislature has seen fit to give handouts to illegal immigrants. This must end now,” Representative Cason said.


An identical version of this bill was filed in the 86th legislature by Republican Representative Kyle Biedermann of Fredericksburg. It was referred to the Higher Education committee, chaired then by Democrat Representative Chris Turner of Grand Prairie, where it never received a hearing.


Representative Slaton commented, “This is a clear promise that Republicans have made to Texas voters. We cannot allow taxpayer funded magnets, aimed at those in our state illegally, to continue to be funded, while priorities like property tax relief go ignored. Now is the time to deliver results.”


A previous version of this bill was filed in the 85th and 84th legislatures by Jonathan Stickland, who represented House District 92 prior to Jeff Cason. During those sessions, the bills were referred to the State Affairs committee, chaired then by Republican Representative Byron Cook of Corsicana, where they also never received hearings.