Rep. Cason call on Gov. Abbott to ban Vaccine Passports in Texas

April 3, 2021

AUSTIN, TX – A message from State Representative Jeff Cason:

“Receiving a vaccine is a personal choice and should never be forced upon anyone for the sake of normalcy. The ever-growing threat from the Biden Administration, and their work on a vaccine passport, is a growing threat against our Republic, our State, and above all, our personal rights as Americans.

Florida’s Governor just signed an Executive Order banning any and all vaccine passports throughout the state. I am calling for Governor
Greg Abbott to take the same action to protect all Texans from this federal government overreach. I have filed a bill to push for vaccine transparency, and will continue to fight against any action from our government if any such passport is forced upon any Texan.

Governor Abbott, please follow Florida’s example and protect your fellow Texans from ever having to publicly show their health records to any government, private business, or school district under the guise of getting back to normal.

Say “no” to any form of government issued vaccine passports now!”