My wife, Wendy, was a lifelong educator in our local HEB public school system. I know the amount of work that our teachers put in every day. As someone who now has grandchildren in our public schools, I understand the importance of ensuring that public schools have the funding they need and that teachers can teach to each student instead of teaching to the test. I’m committed to driving dollars into the classroom so that Texas can afford to pay world class teachers a world class salary.

“Defund the Police”

We must oppose this radical idea being pushed by Democrats across our district. The police must be funded fully. HEB residents know that if we defund the police, we put our entire community at risk. Public safety must remain a top priority as we work on bipartisan reforms that ensure accountability for all law enforcement agencies.


We should ensure that our state is completely prepared to address the health care and economic challenges that have been brought on by COVID-19. We must remove any regulatory barriers to businesses who have been shut down by government order, while also supporting our health care workers and promoting healthy practices across our state.

Property Taxes

If your property can be seized for failing to pay taxes to the government, you never truly own it - you’re a renter. We must provide real property tax relief so that our neighbors stop getting taxed out of their home.  We must end the Robin Hood School Finance system, cap the rate of tax increases, and freeze appraisals. Any attempts by lawmakers, like those this past session, to place new taxes on Texans with little to no property tax relief, should be immediately rejected. I will also work to increase transparency and accountability at the local and state level, so that taxpayers know where their dollars are going and have as more say in how their dollars are spent

Mental Health

As someone who has been close to situations involving serious mental health challenges of others, I know that the state doesn’t have the resources and training it needs to handle the mental health challenges of our day. This must be a priority in our budget.

Second Amendment

Gun groups that support gun confiscation are flooding money into our community to elect my Democrat opponent. I am a firm believer in the right of every law-abiding Texan to keep and carry their own firearms. The Founding Fathers were clear that the purpose of the 2nd Amendment is to empower citizens to defend themselves. It is a right that cannot be taken away.


I am pro-life. I believe we must immediately ban all late term abortions and ensure that no taxpayer money gets spent on abortion. My opponent and I are directly opposite on this issue.