Our American government was founded to protect the right to life, liberty, and property. The protection of our right to life is the first and most foundational job that each legislator has. This protection applies to every person, including unborn children. In office, I will unapologetically fight for the protection of each life from conception to natural death through the votes I take and the priorities I push. I am 100% pro-life.


The Republican Party of Texas Platform currently calls on legislators to end the “Robin Hood,” school finance system, which rewards fiscally irresponsible school districts, while penalizing the voters and taxpayers who’ve practiced fiscal restraint. I will stand against all attempts to force taxpayers in one area, to subsidize the unwise decisions of people in other parts of Texas. I reject the concept that “one size fits all”. I support parents’ ability to send their children to traditional public schools, charter schools, private schools, or to homeschool. I will prioritize reducing, in every way possible, unfunded mandates and standardized testing, so that local voters and the school boards they elect, can sculpt their school districts into educational institutions that meet the needs of their unique group of students. It’s also clear to me that if we expect to employ and retain teachers and support staff who are effective and skilled in their professions, we’ll need to offer competitive pay, without losing sight of one of the core philosophies of the Republican party, fiscal responsibility. We also must keep the promises we made to teachers regarding their retirement funds. Legislators continue to place band-aids on the very broken TRS system in the form of large cash injections, every session


Illegal immigration threatens the safety of Texans, and undermines the sovereignty of our State government. Immigration laws must be strictly enforced at our border and places of employment. Illegal immigrants should not be provided with benefits of any kind, including the in-state tuition prices they currently receive when enrolling in public university classes, and should face deportation for violating the law. I believe that our federal government should streamline and simplify the process for legal immigration, giving priority to those who are prepared to sustain themselves and contribute to our tax base and culture, rather than to be a drain on other Americans.

Property Tax

If your property can be seized for failing to pay taxes to the government, you never truly own it- you’re a renter. We must move away from property taxes, cut spending, and rely on consumption taxes. In the meantime, we must end the Robin Hood School Finance system, cap the rate of tax increases, and freeze appraisals. Any attempts by lawmakers, like those this past session, to place new taxes on Texans with little to no noticeable property tax relief should be rejected. I will, also work to increase transparency and accountability at the local and state level so that taxpayers know where their dollars are going and have as much of a say in how their dollars are spent, as possible.

Government Spending

The rightful role of government is to protect the life, liberty, and property of each citizen. Using taxpayer dollars for other purposes is something I will work to limit or eliminate. The spending problem that both Democrats and Republicans in the Texas Legislature have developed puts our state’s success at risk, making it more important than ever to elect Republicans who will vote in a conservative way. I will vote for greater transparency, zero based budgeting and spending limits on budget increases tied to the rate of population growth and inflation. I will work to reduce the size of government and lower taxes with a more diligent oversight of state agencies to identify fraud, waste and abuse.

Second Amendment

I’m a firm believer in the right of every law-abiding Texan to keep and carry their own arms. The Founding Fathers were clear that the purpose of the 2nd Amendment is to empower citizens to defend themselves against a tyrannical government- not just for day-to-day self-defense. I will support all measures to decrease the unconstitutional regulations that government has placed on the exercise of this God-given right.