Local Leaders

Bill Waybourn

Tarrant County Sheriff

“I know Jeff Cason will fight with me to keep our communities safe. He understands the values of Tarrant County and District 92. I know he will represent his constituents with honesty and integrity and am proud to encourage my friends to support his campaign.”

Trasa Cobern

Trasa Cobern

Award Winning HEBISD Educator

“As an award winning teacher in HEBISD, I am well aware of the challenges that our local teachers face every day in the classroom. With Jeff Cason’s commitment to both our teachers and their students, I am proud to endorse his campaign to be our next State Representative.”
– Trasa Cobern, Trinity H.S. educator, Texas winner of the 2020 James A. Madison Fellowship award

David Woodruff


“Jeff Cason is someone I trust, and he’s fighting to keep District 92 red. Democrats have made this District a top target and we need to rally around his campaign immediately. I’m strongly supporting Jeff, and I hope you will, too.”

Dale Clark

Constable Pct. 1

Darrell Huffman


Wendy Burgess

Tarrant County Tax Assessor Collector

Tom Wilder

Tarrant County District Clerk

“Jeff was on our city council so I know his commitment to our taxpayers. He is also the best candidate to defeat the opposition in the general election. Please join me in supporting Jeff Cason for HD 92.”

Scott Fisher Endorses Jeff Cason

Scott Fisher

Fmr candidate for Texas House Dist. 92

“As a 41 year resident of Bedford and former candidate for Texas House District 92, I want to encourage you to vote for our Republican nominee, Jeff Cason. This is a critical election. Jeff Cason is a conservative you can trust.”

Jim Story

Former Mayor of Bedford

Bob Whistler

Former Bedford City Council Member


NFIB Endorses Jeff Cason

National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)

“As small businesses struggle now more than ever to keep their doors open and people employed, it’s critical that we elect leaders in our communities who will fight to keep taxes and burdensome regulations at bay. Jeff has a proven record in city government of fighting excess taxes and regulations. We’re confident he will work to implement these small business protections on the state level as well.”

Texas Right to Life

“Texas Right to Life proudly endorses Jeff Cason for Texas House District 92! Democrats want to turn HD 92 blue, but the people of Tarrant County deserve a strong conservative who will stand up for their Pro-Life values — Jeff Cason is that candidate!”

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility

“Jeff Cason is a strong conservative leader who will fight for taxpayers and help drain the sewer in Austin, and Texans for Fiscal Responsibility is proud to stand with so many grassroots conservatives in supporting his campaign.”

Texas Homeschool Coalition

“Jeff Cason is a committed advocate for families in Texas House District 92. As a strong
advocate of family values, he is an excellent choice for District 92 and we are proud to
fully support him.”

Young Conservatives of Texas

“Young Conservatives of Texas are proud to announce our support for Jeff Cason in his election bid for HD 92. Cason is a conservative fighter who will be a strong voice for liberty in the Texas House.”

Young Americans for Liberty

Texas Values

Texas Gun Rights Endorses Jeff Cason

Texas Gun Rights (TGR)

“The battle lines have been drawn and Texas House District 92 is a top target for Michael Bloomberg and his ilk of anti-gun radical leftists. In fact, Democrat candidate for State Representative Jeff Whitfield is endorsed by Bloomberg’s ‘Everytown for Gun Control.’ Thankfully, Republican candidate Jeff Cason has pledged to not only oppose Bloomberg’s anti-gun agenda, but also pledged to fight to restore your right to keep and bear arms in Texas! If you’re a law-abiding Texan, you should be allowed to carry your firearm to defend yourself and your loved ones without begging for government permission and paying a fee. That’s why Texas Gun Rights PAC is proud to endorse Jeff Cason for Texas House District 92!” – Chris McNutt, Executive Director, Texas Gun Rights PAC

Gun Owners of America Endorses Jeff Cason

Gun Owners of America

National Rifle Association (NRA)

State Leaders

Mayes Middleton

State Representative, House District 23

Steve Toth

State Representative, House District 15

“We need fighters for Liberty in Austin. This State cannot afford to have any more elected officials who care more about their political games than the taxpayers. I am convinced that Jeff Cason will be a strong voice for taxpayers. He has already shown this to be true with his service on the Bedford City Council. I would be glad to fight alongside him.”


Bill Zedler

State Representative, House District 96

Kyle Biedermann

State Representative, House District 73

“As a conservative Republican member of the Texas House, I enthusiastically endorse Jeff Cason as the next state representative for HD 92. Jeff is the only candidate in this race who I trust will work to support  the Texas Republican Platform priorities of delivering real property tax relief, securing our borders, protecting the unborn and securing our God-given 2nd amendment rights.”

Bedford Precinct Chairs

  • Janna Easton, Pct 3212
  • Sheridan King, Pct 3283
  • Richard McCook, Pct 3443
  • Clifton Watson, Pct 3516
  • John Holcomb, Pct 3517
  • Charles Orean, Pct 3322
  • Hannah Glenn, Pct 3249
  • Anne Gebhart, Pct 3157

Euless Precinct Chairs

  • Bret Coody, Pct 1603
  • Ed Turner, Pct 3036
  • Janet Brunner, Pct 3160
  • Joseph Michael Deal, Pct 3183
  • Barbara Girouard, Pct 3329
  • James Ashby, Pct 3335
  • David Eagan, Pct 3391

Hurst Precinct Chairs

  • Jorge Landivar, Pct 3156
  • Casey Wise, Pct 3172
  • Sherry Gregory, Pct 3196
  • Joel Downs, Pct 3213
  • Wayne Wylie, Pct 3248
  • Marty Jacob, Pct 3166

Arlington Precinct Chair

  • Bill Daley, Pct 2442

Grand Prairie Precinct Chair

  • Merritt Lee Nevland, Pct 2158