Meet Jeff Cason

Jeff is the Republican Representative for Texas State House District 92. He is an ardent supporter of the right to life, the 2nd Amendment, low taxes, and small government.

In 1984 Jeff made one of the best decisions of his life when he moved to Texas and put down roots in Bedford. As a Bible-believing Christian, he quickly found a home church, now Cross City in Euless, where he has attended for almost 36 years. Approximately 26 years ago Jeff met his wife Wendy at this same church. At that time, she was teaching elementary school for HEB ISD. He quickly fell in love with her Christ-like servant’s heart and soon after meeting her they married, blending their two families of four beautiful daughters and one terrific son.

Jeff Cason and his wife

Now, 26 years later, they have 8 beautiful grandchildren, some of whom still live in the district, and one great grandchild. Wendy and Jeff have made Bedford home for more than 35 years because of the strong conservative values and sense of family that exists all across our HEB community. It’s this community—this family—and the love he has for it that’s inspired him to serve you in the Texas House.

Jeff has successfully worked for nearly 50 years as a manufacturing and sales professional within the aviation and energy industries. This career has taken him around both the country and the globe, where he has seen the effects of different governments and public policies on the people who live within them. Texans’ small government mentality has made our state the most successful in the country.

Sadly, our success is rapidly being put at risk by the trend of both parties towards fiscally irresponsible policies. This district and the people within it are too important for us to let corrupt, out-of-touch politicians in Austin disrupt everything we’ve worked so hard to build here at home.

In the wake of a push by local politicians to increase the property tax far above the rollback rate, Jeff won a seat on the Bedford City Council. During his tenure, Jeff fought fellow council members who tried to increase tax rates again and again. After one term on the City Council, having done the job he had been elected to do, he chose not to run for a second term. Jeff is a firm believer that it was never the intention of our founders to have career politicians, and politicians should limit their own terms by willingly stepping down.

Jeff wants to partner with you again in limiting government to a size we barely feel. As a proven fighter Jeff promises to serve with integrity and true grit for the people of House District 92.